About Us

The Organization :

Maskati commercial Services BSC © is a privately owned closed sharing company, which is commercially registered in Bahrain.

The company has a fully paid and authorized capital of BD. 2.1 Million (US$. 5.6 Million) total share holders equity of around BD. 7.3 million (US$. 19.3 Million) and annual turnover of around BD. 3.6 million (US$. 9.5 Million).

Activities :

Maskati   Commercial Services    covers    the   following three major activities through three major divisions in the company. 

Manufacturing :

Manufactures paper and polyethylene products. More than one hundred employees work in the manufacturing plants. A portion  of the products is exported to neighboring countries. We have well trained staff to handle export shipments.  Our range of products includes following items:

01.   Ultra thin HDPE bags, LDPE bags, Garbage bags, Printed shopping       
        Bags, Laundry bags. 
02.   HDPE bags. 
03.   Polyethylene table covers (packets and rolls available). 
04.   Handkerchiefs. 
05.   Paper Napkins. 
06.   Under Ground Caution Tapes. 
07.   Disposable gloves. 
09.   Injection Swabs and Refreshing Towelettes 
10.   Poly aprons.                                                                           
11.   LDPE Layflat tubing. 
12.   Heavy Duty Paper Cardboard cores for Aluminum rolling mills and    
        Cable manufacturing companies. 
13.   Plain & printed polystyrene cups and containers. 
14.   PET Containers 



Trading & Representation :

This division is highly active in supplies to Construction Industry , several finishing products in the architectural, Access control and electromechanical sectors. The company distributes products of well known brands such as: 

  1.   Tamco Switchgears   Malaysia      MV/HV switchgears & RMU
  2.   Charenchoi Transformers  Thailand   Power & Distribution Transformers
  3.   Saudi Cables  Saudi Arabia   Power & XLPE Cables
  4.   DOW chemicals   U S A   Process chemicals & Biocides
  5.   Sabic  Saudi Arabia   Chemicals
  6.   Sumitomo Electric   Japan   HV Electrical Equipments
  7.   Nissin Electric Co  Japan      HV electrical equipments
  8.   Al Kout Industrial Project Co   Kuwait   Chemicals
  9.   National Cables Industry   UAE   Power & Transmission Cables
  10.   Impakt Packaging   India      Edge Protectors

The division also supplies a variety of products to refineries, petrochemical and processing plants.

  • BULK Loads of Caustic Soda for Petroleum Refinery and Aluminium Plants.
  • Jet Fuel Additives to Military Aviation Specifications.
  • Hydrochloric Acid.
  • Amines and Glycols for Gas Treatment and Dehydration
  • Steel Plates and Pipes to Oil, Gas and Ship Repair Industry.

Along with chemicals this division participates in local tenders for supply of steel products and packaged equipment modules to major clients in Bahrain.

Among our major trading partners are the following organizations:-

-   The Bahrain Petroleum co. BSC ©.
-   Central Stores Directorate - Bahrain Govt.
-   Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company.
-   Aluminium Bahrain.
-   ASRY-- {Arab Ship Repair Yard}.
-   Gulf Air.
-   Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill company.
-   Gulf  Petrochemical Industries Co.
-   Electricity and Water Authority.

Our trading figures placed us among the biggest local suppliers to BAPCO Oil Refinery which is one of the biggest refineries in the area.

Our staff include all necessary disciplines to find new markets, establish contacts and follow up on our supplies and provide excellent after sales support and service. We employ our own Engineers, Technicians, Sales and Service personnel and clearing Agents and our IT infrastructure boasts a fully integrated intranet with an MIS package running on top of the line Hardware and Software platforms, in short a very flat management hierarchy leading to each and every employee thinking of MCS as his/her own company.

Investments :

This division maintains various Investments. The Portfolio maintained by the company includes Direct Investment in closed companies, Property, Marketable Securities, Managed Funds and Money Market Instruments.


  Manufacturers of :
  • Printed & non-printed  shopping bags

  • Garbage bags

  • Laundry bags

  • Polyethylene table covers

  • Tissue Handkerchiefs

  • Paper Napkins

  • Underground Caution tapes

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Injection Swabs

  • Poly Aprons

  • Heavy duty paper cardboard cores

  • Plain and printed polystyrene cups & containers

  • PET wide mouth containers & bottles

P. O. Box 5078, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: +973 17732000, Fax: +973 17731100, email: